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Outside Power Filter

Marineland Power FilterOutside power filters are the most common filter system for aquariums under 30 gallons. In most cases outside power filters have biological, mechanical and chemical filter components included. They are generally quiet and from my experience have a 5 to 10 year life expectancy. Outside power filters are inexpensive and small. They do lack the biological capacity needed for larger aquariums.

Canister Filter

Canister filters work well with aquariums from 20 gallons to 180 gallons. The canister filter sits underneath the aquarium inside your aquarium stand. A canister filter is located outside of the tank, this allows the filter to be a lot larger and hold a lot more filter media than internal filters. Canister filters are considered a mid to high-priced filter system. The quality of the filter system and water filtration is a lot higher than a hang on power filter or an undergravel filter. Canister filters can be sealed meaning water enters the canister filter and exits the canister filter via tubing. If the power goes out there is no concern of water spilling since the canister filter just shuts off.
Click On Canister Aquarium Filters for a more detailed review

Wet / Dry Trickle Filter

All-Glass Aquarium Co. Mega Flow Trickle Filter Wet dry filters sit below the aquarium inside the aquarium stand. These filters are not sealed meaning if the power goes out and the sump capacity of the wet dry filter is not large enough you can flood your house.
It is important to follow the manufacturers recommendations when it comes to sizing.

The manufacturer All-Glass Aquarium Co. has come out with the mega flow wet dry filter. These wet dry filters are easy to set up and use. If a wet dry filter is setup properly when the power goes out the wet dry filter will be able to handle the overflowing water. Wet dry filters also need to be used in conjunction with an over flow, which is located inside aquarium.
The overflow box regulates the water flow volume to the wet dry filter.
Wet dry filters are commonly used on aquariums 50 gallons or larger and are a staple with saltwater aquariums because a lot of the other components can be placed in the trickle filter instead of being inside of the aquarium. Click On Wet Dry Filter for a more detailed review

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