How To Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water

If your aquarium has a whitish cloudy haze this can be due to poor water quality. The very first step would be to test the ammonia and nitrite levels of your aquarium water using an aquarium test kit. If you find that the ammonia or the nitrite levels are anything but zero you have a water quality problem.

Make sure you are performing proper aquarium maintenance on your aquarium. Aquariums that have been receiving proper aquarium maintenance rarely have cloudy water if this is the case with your aquarium check to make sure the filtration system is able to handle the size of tank you have it on in conjunction with the number of fish you're trying to keep.

Often if your filter system is too small for the size of the aquarium you're attempting to filter you may have high ammonia or nitrite levels. When you are feeding you fish if there is extra food left over after a few minutes then you may be overfeeding. Over feeding means there is to much food being added to quickly to the tanks. Try reducing the amount of food that's being added at one time.

In some cases the water quality is perfect but the water is still cloudy. Check how many gallons per hour your filter system produces, your filter should be turning over the total volume of your aquarium a minimum of three times per hour preferably five to eight times per hour. If your filter system is not turning over enough water per hour particulate matter will not be caught up in the filter quick enough and you will see it floating around in your aquarium.
To increase circulation you can add submersible water pumps / power heads, an air pump with an air stone or a larger filter system will help fix your cloudy aquarium.